Sherwin Baradaran (Vocal – Guitars)

Shahram Tehrani (Bass)

Ahoora Askarie (Drums)


    Anoushbard is a Metal band from Iran

    Founded in 2017 by Sherwin Baradaran and Siavash Motallebi, the first album “Mithra” was released in 2020. The debut album consists of 6 tracks, all of highly unique indentity. Already on it, the participants had found their very own, fascinating and completely distinctive style.

    Most of the extremely varied and diversely dynamic compositions thematize Iranian culture and often mystical stories passed down from it. Subsequently, Anoushbard worked on another album, titled “Abandoned Treasure” and featuring 8 tracks. As on the previous album, those involved mastered to focus on Persian literature and stories.

    During all the years of existence, Anoushbard had many difficulties in finding suitable co-musicians such as drummers or bassists. In 2021, Arman Tirmahi officially joined the formation as a bassist. He helped the group with the second album.

    Nima Seylani, an accomplished oud player, also joined the line-up. Many in the Western industrialized nations will find it hard to imagine: But the biggest obstacle in Anoushbard’s path are the government regulations for metal music there. Unfortunately, metal is completely banned in Iran, so it’s not possible to perform in public or release an album.

    Singer and guitarist Sherwin said:
    “We named the band Anoushbard, which was a political prison in the Sasanian Empire (224 – 651 AD) and which means a place where you forget your identity and disappear forever. As a band, we call ourselves that because we are very interested in the history of our country and in our Persian roots.”

    Bio by Markus Eck (Metal Message Global)