Inevitable Death

I’ve got a vague memory of my solitary life

I refuse to be dictated to by religion

My mind is suspended by my fears

There is a strong instinct in all of us for immortality

I just left behind, I just left behind

There is a dim light at the end of the tunnel

Someone is trying to tell me

See the dime light at the end of the tunnel

Just follow the light

From the cradle to the grave

Lurking around my dark side of knowledge

Keeping me in ignorance of your true identity

Seems that i’m looking for the missing piece of puzzle

Into a terrifying tunnel

I just left behind, I just left behind

(Lyric by Sherwin Baradaran and Siavash Motallebi)

The Man Who Rides Through The Fire

Ignorance is everywhere I look

I’ve devoted myself to truth

With my black horse I stand

In the deep silence of this land

Magi are preparing the holy fire

Fierce fire sweeping through the pyre

Don’t feel sorry for myself

I’m the man who served well

Call my name my dear death, Call my name

I’ve been waiting for you, Waiting for you

Come to me my dear death, come to me

And set my soul free, Set my soul free

Now fire is touching my skin

As I passing through it

Dear deity of wisdom

I will prove my innocence

I’m a sacrificial man, Now I feel I’m free

(Lyric by Sherwin Baradaran)

The Ward

Creeping on the sodden floor

All day long gazing to the door

Scratching all the walls around

Watching cracks on my soul crawl

Scream is the only song I hear

Death is the only thing I dream

Hey guard I’m ready to confess

Just get me out of darkness

Feeling the rope around my neck

I accept it all just give me a break

Head in the hole tasting your lunch

Don’t call names just give me the punch

Scream is the only song I hear

Death is the only thing I dream

Hey guard I’m ready to confess

Just get me out of darkness

(Lyric by Sherwin Baradaran and Arash Maghsoudi)

Gates Of Ctesiphon

Shadow of death lengthening all over the land

Sorrow is calling my name

wind is whispering something in my ear

Today is the last day of humanity

Here is the gate of ctesiphon

Demons are seeking for new home

Here is the cemetery if virtues

The glory of Iranshahr is lost in the mist of blood

Now my deep root has been cut

Pond of wisdom has dried up

My contentment has migrated from this land

Devil is watching with rapture to what he’s done

(Lyric by Sherwin Baradaran)

Life Lady (Green Temple)

Dripping water

Erosion emblem

Life lady’s demise

Dormant land

As the drops of moonlight drizzle on the creek

My eyelids intertwine like two lovers

Like so many nights before

Your whisper steals away the sleep

ushered by your voice

Distracting shadows on the way

Wandering through the dark

Searching for my princess

Those haunting visions flash before my eyes

My lady is desecrated by the beasts

Get your paws off her you intruder

This glory does not fit for your fist

Stand tall O my old green

The blossoms will bud in this land again

Till then I’ll be your companion

Keeping this sanctuary clean

(Lyric by Arash Maghsoudi)