Lyrics (Abandoned Treasure)

Abandoned Treasure

The Righteous Ardaviraf – Preparation

Sacred pure wine

In three golden cups

I stand motionless

In a plain white dress

Ritual purity

Cleans my eternal soul

Making a journey to

Mysterious afterlife

Please guarding my body

While I’m gone

I’ll do what I must

To find out what is right

(Lyric by Sherwin Baradaran)

The Righteous Ardaviraf – Journey

On that first night

They came to meet me

Glorious and radiant

They bowed to me and spoke

Although thou hast come

When it is not thy time

As I crossed over the bridge

I had protection from Angles

I arrived at the final stage

The all glorious

They were in gold-embroidered clothes

They walked in splendour

It seemed to me / It seemed to me sublime

It seemed to me / It seemed to me sublime

Come from that perishable world

To this pure and bright place

It seemed to me / It seemed to me sublime

It seemed to me / It seemed to me sublime

(Lyric by Sherwin Baradaran)

Destructive Spirit (Angra Mainyu)

Feeding on your damned soul

Getting strong from your sins

Causing you agony

Leaving you in total darkness

Spreading destruction and gloom

Bringing poverty and death

Corrupting morality

Driving you to total despair

There is no way out / Your soul is mine

Inspire you with envy

Creating a man with a grudge

Motivate you to seek revenge

Turning humans into monsters

Answering your prayers for lust

Imprisoning your worthless soul

The more you follow

The more you suffer

There is no way out / Your soul is mine

(lyric by Sherwin Baradaran)

Tower Of Silence (Dakhma)

The crowd chanting and mourning

As they going up the stairs

Preparing me for my departure

Who’s gonna tell me where I’m going to?

I have never though

It comes to my turn someday

All I have done in my life

Become a burden in my journey

Now I’m in the tower of silence

Where the souls be lost forever

In the tower of silence

You will be forgotten forever

I would not have entered this life

If I had a choice

To get rid of this remorse and sorrow

I will let my corpse to vultures

(Lyric by Sherwin Baradaran)

Abandoned Treasure

Will you listen to my story

If you come across me?

Our glorious days buried

Under ashes of time

Suddenly an absolute silence

Is broken by a low whisper

Don’t leave us alone

There was a time that

These walls and ceiling glittered in the sun

Now shadows are dancing on

The crumbled dome and the ruins

Our pride was blown

Our holy fire was smothered by demons

Ghosts are trying to say something

Time heals all wounds

(Lyric by Sherwin Baradaran)

Blacksmith’s Apron

از آن چرم کاهنگران پشت پای

بپوشند هنگام زخم درای

همان کاوه آن بر سر نیزه کرد

همانگه زبازار برخاست گرد

خروشان همی رفت نیزه بدست

که ای نامداران یزدان پرست

کسی کاو هوای فریدون کند

دل از بند ضحاک بیرون کند

Through the flames of the fire

I can see an angry face

Striking with his hammer

Making a spear

Seeking revenge for

The murder of his sons

who were killed by a tyrant

To feed from their brains

We will rise

We will fight

Till the tyranny to be overthrown

فرو بست دستش بر آن کوه باز

بدان تا بماند به سختی دراز

ببستش بران گونه آویخته

وزو خون دل بر زمین ریخته

از او نام ضحاک چون خاک شد

جهان از بد او همه پاک شد

گسسته شد از خویش و پیوند او

بماند بدان گونه در بند لو

Like a cypress in the wind

We will bend but won’t be felled

Being imprisoned for dissidence

Suffering a tragic fate

The only remedy for this agony

Is to use our wisdom as a guide

I believe it from the bottom of my heart

One day the light will conquer the darkness

(Lyric by Great Ferdowsi and Sherwin baradaran)


As I sit beside you

Touching your pale face

I know it would be the last time

Tears coming to my eyes

holding tight your cold hand

I know it’s time to say goodbye

Rest in peace now

The pain won’t go away

I can’t believe this is true

How could this happen to me?

Is there any chance

To meet you again?

Spend the rest of my life with you

Rest in peace now

The weight of the world is off your chest

Rest in peace now

I’m sure that your memory lives on

(Lyric by Siavash Motallebi and Sherwin Baradaran)